Managed Money Reporter Newsletter — Issue 232, November 2006

Editors: Carl Spiess & Allan McGlade

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For Those About to Retire – New ScotiaMcLeod retirement tool

By Carl Spiess

Have you noticed that the notion of retirement is changing?

It used to be that it was a one-time event, a celebratory send-off. But today, retirement includes a transition – a series of events as we move from full-time work into the next stage of life.

How will you transition? What is your desired lifestyle? Have you thought about softer issues beyond the monthly income amount you will receive? Are you prepared for a potential life change?

The ScotiaMcLeod Readiness Assessment tool is designed to help you understand the factors that can influence your transition and the steps that you can take to achieve your goals.

The tool automatically generates a Transition Profile for your own personal review. If you would like to discuss your profile with me, please save it to your computer and forward a copy to me by email. We will be happy to work with you to refine your plans and then prepare a more detailed retirement analysis.

Try it out:

ScotiaMcLeod retirement readiness assessment tool

... and next month, we plan to review an innovative new retirement product from Manulife that you may have already seen being advertised.

Recommended Reading - Investment Portfolio Quarterly

The latest issue of ScotiaMcLeod's Investment Portfolio Quarterly is now online. Please read our analysts views of the economy and markets going forward. The question now seems to be when will the central banks start cutting rates, as inflation (and even more so house prices) seem to have peaked. The last 2 pages discuss the question of "Are you ready to retire" and like the tool discussed above, will be relevant to anyone in the Baby Boom generation.

Income Trust Update

The federal government's announcement on Wednesday, November 1, 2006 temporarily rattled Canadian markets but only did lasting damage to the income trust sector. The rest of the market has climbed steadily higher. ScotiaMcLeod and Scotiabank's comments are provided, below.

Largely lost in the furor over the income trust tax changes was the news that there will be more income splitting opportunities for retirees. And it now looks like the next budget may even have more income splitting coming for working couples. We will stay tuned for the 2007 budget for more personal tax changes.

More on Income Trusts

Mutual Fund Investors Confident

According to a recent survey commissioned by the Investment Funds Institute of Canada (IFIC), mutual fund investors in Canada are confident in mutual funds' ability to meet their goals and they generally understand their investments.

The survey asked mutual fund investors how confident they were that a number of investment products could help them meet their financial goals: 88 per cent of respondents were confident in real estate, including their primary residence. Confidence in mutual funds was at 85 per cent; GICs came in at 71 per cent, bonds at 63 per cent and stocks 54 per cent. (The latter is a curious statement, since stocks are held in many funds, but likely, many investors have had a bad experience with individual stocks, and better experiences with diversified mutual funds.)

IFIC Survey

The survey was done in the summer by POLLARA Inc. with input from regulators. The survey found that investors are attracted to mutual funds for a variety of reasons, including professional management, diversification and risk management, access to a wide range of investments, ease of moving within fund families and the ability to buy funds in small amounts.

More on IFIC investor survey

Mutual Fund Reporter Recommended Web site of the Month

The Investment Funds Institute of Canada (IFIC) website has a great deal of statistical analysis on the mutual fund industry. Their recent survey of Canadian investor attitudes, above, was very informative. And there is more information at:


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