Managed Money Reporter Newsletter — Issue 282, November/December 2014

Editors: Carl Spiess & Allan McGlade

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Season's Greetings

By Carl Spiess, CFP, CIM, FMA, FCSI, MBA

We are pleased to have updated our team photo again this year. Carl is wearing the traditional McLeod trader's jacket - and mouse over to see how it looks on Allan. We welcome Tara Moreiko to the team while Debbie Ann Espiritu is on maternity leave. Thank you to all our clients for a terrific 2014 and all the best to you and yours for 2015.


Year-End Tax Tips

We are pleased to provide ScotiaMcLeod's tax team's tips for year-end 2014. This includes an update on the October 30th announcement about family income splitting. We have also been pleased to remind most clients about their 2014 RESP contribution room but please do not hesitate to contact us if you have any questions about making a contribution or your investment accounts in general.


Real Estate Update

One of the popular pages on our website is a collection of charts and articles about real estate investing. In particular, the recently updated piece from Invesco comparing house prices in various Canadian cities to mutual fund returns over the last 33 years usually surprises readers.

Additionally, the performance of mutual funds that typically invest in commercial property has been strong in the past several years. Check out our real estate page for more information.


Recommended Reading & Listening

Our Investment Portfolio Quarterly - Fall 2014 has been released and highlights the increasing volatility we have been seeing in the markets recently.

And with that current market volatility, we have also added links to our analysts' reports that are updated daily. Check out:

If you would rather listen to ScotiaMcLeod's thoughts on the markets, you can download this MP3 of the "Market Update" conference call with Caroline Escott, Director of Equity Advisory. You can listen to it on a long drive to the in-laws over the holidays:


Award Winning Mutual Funds and ETFs

The recent Morningstar awards celebrated the top investment funds in a wide variety of categories. You can read more about the winners which include Mawer funds for the second year running and Vanguard for their Exchange Traded Fund (ETF) offerings at:

We are pleased to be able to offer virtually all the winning funds and ETFs in ScotiaMcLeod client accounts. For a complete listing of all award categories, please visit:


Fund Stewardship Reports

A separate category of Morningstar rankings comes in the form of their stewardship reports. Interestingly but not surprisingly, there has been a strong correlation between stewardship grades and performance over the 4 years since the stewardship reports were introduced in Canada. Additionally, the number of fund companies with low marks has been declining as the quality of fund offerings and stewardship in Canada keeps improving. Read the full report and more about the methodology at:

One fund company stands out for being the only one to get straight A's each year: Capital Group.

We'll note that Capital Group Global Equity fund has been on our recommended list for a decade now and continues to be a very strong performer - with the lowest risk of the global funds on our list:

and is available in a lower fee - high net worth version as well.


Recommended Link of the Month

While not quite a household name in Canada, Capital Group mentioned in the article above, has a terrific global presence and their research and articles available on their Canadian site are top rate. Check out their recent report on Reaching for a better life for an uplifting holiday read.



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