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Scotia Aria Conserv Build Port Prem Sr  GlblFIBal  LrgGrowth2.4%4.6%3.3%nana3.71
Scotia Aria Conserv Pay Port Prem Sr  GlblFIBal  LrgBlend1.5%3.9%3.2%nana3.33
Scotia Aria Consrv Defend Prt Prem Sr  CdnFIBal  LrgBlend1.4%2.4%2.0%nana2.36
Scotia Aria Mod Defend Prt Prem Sr  GlblNeutralBal  LrgBlend2.4%3.7%3.1%nana3.19
Scotia Aria Moderate Build Prt Prem Sr  GlblNeutralBal  LrgGrowth3.6%6.2%4.1%nana4.80
Scotia Aria Moderate Pay Prt Prem Sr  GlblNeutralBal  LrgBlend2.3%5.2%4.0%nana4.12
Scotia Aria Progr Build Port Prem Sr  GlblEqBal  LrgBlend5.2%8.4%5.2%nana6.45
Scotia Aria Progr Defend Port Prem Sr  GlblEqBal  LrgBlend3.3%4.8%3.9%nana4.16
Scotia Aria Progr Pay Port Prem Sr  GlblEqBal  LrgBlend3.3%6.4%4.9%nana5.08
Scotia Balanced Opportunities  TacticalBal  LrgBlend7.4%8.0%5.3%8.2%5.2%5.83
Scotia Bond  CdnFI  n/a-0.4%-0.8%1.1%2.4%na3.70
Scotia Canadian Balanced  CdnNeuBal  LrgBlend4.8%6.3%4.5%7.2%3.3%5.66
Scotia Canadian Blue Chip  CdnFocusEq  LrgGrowth8.3%11.9%7.6%11.4%4.0%8.46
Scotia Canadian Bond Index  CdnFI  n/a0.0%-0.4%1.2%2.7%3.6%3.39
Scotia Canadian Dividend A  CaDivInc  LrgBlend5.1%8.9%7.6%10.1%5.8%6.57
Scotia Canadian Dividend Advisor  CaDivInc  LrgBlend5.1%9.0%7.6%10.0%5.6%6.57
Scotia Canadian Dividend Class Ser A  CaDivInc  LrgBlend5.0%8.8%7.6%10.1%na6.63
Scotia Canadian Dividend F  CaDivInc  LrgBlend6.0%9.9%8.6%11.1%6.6%6.57
Scotia Canadian Growth A  CdnFocusEq  LrgGrowth3.9%6.6%-0.3%7.2%1.6%10.06
Scotia Canadian Income A  CdnFI  n/a-0.2%-0.6%1.6%2.2%3.3%3.84
Scotia Canadian Index  CdnEq  LrgBlend9.3%9.6%5.9%8.1%3.3%7.18
Scotia Canadian Small Cap  CdnSMEq  SmlGrowth-3.1%2.6%-2.8%3.5%1.6%10.36
Scotia CanAm Index  USEq  LrgBlend14.0%15.1%12.2%16.8%11.3%11.23
Scotia Conserv Govt Bond Cap Yld Class A  CdnFI  n/a-1.1%-1.6%-0.4%0.6%na2.19
Scotia Diversified Monthly Income A  CdnNeuBal  LrgBlend3.3%3.9%3.9%5.9%4.5%4.44
Scotia Dividend Balanced  CdnEqBal  LrgBlend0.0%2.4%1.4%5.5%na6.23
Scotia European  EurEq  LrgGrowth3.7%10.6%4.4%8.8%3.9%12.20
Scotia Global Balanced  GlblNeutralBal  LrgBlend0.6%5.4%2.5%6.7%na6.27
Scotia Global Bond  GlobalFI  n/a1.6%-2.0%2.7%3.0%2.8%8.23
Scotia Global Dividend  GblEq  LrgBlend2.9%9.2%5.7%10.9%na9.73
Scotia Global Dividend Class Ser A  GblEq  LrgBlend2.6%8.9%5.5%10.6%na9.72
Scotia Global Growth A  GblEq  LrgGrowth17.3%21.3%12.4%15.9%9.3%12.69
Scotia Global Opportunities A  GblEq  LrgGrowth10.6%11.4%7.9%11.8%5.9%9.80
Scotia Global Small Cap  GblSMEq  MidGrowth13.1%13.4%4.9%13.2%3.4%11.45
Scotia Income Advantage  GlblNeutralBal  LrgBlend2.6%4.0%3.3%5.5%na4.73
Scotia INNOVA Balanced Growth Port Cl A  GlblNeutralBal  LrgBlend3.8%5.5%4.3%6.9%na5.34
Scotia INNOVA Balanced Growth Portfolio  GlblNeutralBal  LrgBlend3.4%5.0%4.0%6.6%na4.98
Scotia INNOVA Balanced Income Port Cl A  GlblNeutralBal  LrgBlend2.8%4.0%3.3%5.2%na4.18
Scotia INNOVA Balanced Income Portfolio  CdnFIBal  LrgBlend1.8%2.8%2.8%4.8%na3.61
Scotia INNOVA Growth Portfolio  GlblEqBal  LrgBlend4.2%6.3%4.6%7.7%na5.93
Scotia INNOVA Growth Portfolio Class A  GlblEqBal  LrgBlend4.6%6.7%4.9%8.2%na6.24
Scotia INNOVA Income Portfolio  CdnFIBal  LrgBlend0.9%1.5%2.0%3.7%na2.87
Scotia INNOVA Income Portfolio Class A  CdnFIBal  LrgBlend2.0%2.8%2.6%4.1%na3.30
Scotia INNOVA Maximum Growth Port Cl A  GblEq  LrgBlend5.8%8.3%5.6%9.9%na7.33
Scotia INNOVA Maximum Growth Portfolio  GblEq  LrgBlend5.1%7.3%5.2%9.2%na6.73
Scotia International Index  IntEq  n/a6.0%11.9%4.6%9.6%4.0%11.56
Scotia International Value  IntEq  LrgGrowth7.4%11.0%4.3%8.7%4.4%11.93
Scotia Latin American  GeogrEq  LrgBlend-11.9%-0.8%-3.0%-3.8%-7.8%20.91
Scotia Money Market A  CdnMM  n/a0.6%0.5%0.4%0.4%0.4%0.06
Scotia Money Market Premium  CdnMM  n/a1.1%0.9%0.8%0.9%na0.08
Scotia Mortgage Income  CdnSTFI  n/a1.5%1.3%1.1%1.1%1.6%0.22
Scotia Mortgage Income F Class  CdnSTFI  n/a2.0%1.8%1.7%1.7%2.3%0.22
Scotia Nasdaq Index  USEq  n/a25.4%26.3%18.3%23.9%16.6%15.79
Scotia Pacific Rim  AsPac  LrgGrowth17.8%13.9%5.4%8.8%2.9%13.89
Scotia Partners Balanced Growth Port  CdnEqBal  LrgGrowth4.0%6.0%4.6%6.8%5.1%4.81
Scotia Partners Balanced Income Port  CdnFIBal  LrgBlend1.2%2.9%3.1%4.9%4.4%3.35
Scotia Partners Growth Portfolio  GlblEqBal  LrgGrowth5.7%8.4%5.4%8.1%5.9%5.92
Scotia Partners Income  GlblFIBal  LrgBlend0.6%2.3%2.4%4.3%na2.79
Scotia Partners Maximum Growth Port  GlblEqBal  LrgGrowth7.0%9.8%5.9%9.1%6.0%6.77
Scotia Premium T-Bill  CdnMM  n/a0.6%0.3%0.3%0.3%0.4%0.07
Scotia Resource  NatRs  MidGrowth15.2%5.3%10.9%10.0%-0.8%17.11
Scotia Selected Balanced Growth A  GlblNeutralBal  LrgGrowth4.0%6.1%4.4%6.9%4.6%4.87
Scotia Selected Balanced Income A  CdnFIBal  LrgBlend1.6%3.0%2.9%5.0%4.0%3.53
Scotia Selected Growth Portfolio A  GlblEqBal  LrgGrowth6.4%8.8%5.8%8.9%5.0%6.13
Scotia Selected Maximum Growth A  GlblEqBal  LrgGrowth8.5%10.8%6.4%10.0%5.2%7.24
Scotia T-Bill  CdnMM  n/a0.3%0.2%0.2%0.2%0.3%0.04
Scotia US Blue Chip  USEq  LrgGrowth19.3%16.3%8.8%14.1%5.6%11.83
Scotia US Bond F U$  GlobalFI  n/a-0.5%-1.6%2.2%5.3%4.8%8.66
Scotia US Dollar Balanced  GlblNeutralBal  LrgBlend4.6%3.2%2.0%7.1%na7.83
Scotia US Index  USEq  LrgBlend14.4%15.4%12.3%17.0%11.4%10.96
Scotia US Money Market U$  USMM  n/a1.8%0.9%2.0%4.7%2.8%8.56
Scotia US Opportunities  USEq  LrgBlend9.9%6.8%3.7%10.2%6.4%9.85

72 Funds Returned    For Periods Ending: 6/30/2018


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* Risk is the volatility of returns, see risk calculations.

All these funds are available through ScotiaMcLeod. Certain funds may have large minimum investments, sales charges, loads or administrative fees etc, or may not be available for PAC plans, SWP plans or payroll deduction. F-class funds are available for purchase in our Fee Based account platforms where a separate portfolio fee is billed quarterly to your account to cover our investment management, financial planning and due diligence services. Please contact us for details and recommendations regarding the right funds for your portfolio.

Commissions, trailing commissions, management fees and expenses all may be associated with mutual fund investments. Please read the prospectus before investing. The indicated rate(s) of return is (are) the historical annual compounded total return(s) including changes in (share or unit) value and reinvestment of all (dividends or distributions) and does (do) not take into account sales, redemption, distribution or optional charges or income taxes payable by any security holder that would have reduced returns. Mutual funds are not guaranteed, their values change frequently and past performance may not be repeated. See more disclaimers ...


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